Through pure hard work and persistence, Raymond Poon is on his way to becoming Hong Kong’s next big boxing star.
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If you're not at the event yourself, no worries. Check back here for live updates for the matches throughout all three days!
The 16 year-old Hong Kong athlete also credits his parents for nurturing his love of the game.
The 15-year-old student from Creative Secondary School started climbing when she was eight and practises for 15 hours per week.
Captains from local and Australian teams may be competing, but they're united on one thing: girls rugby teams kick just as much butt as the boys
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The tournament will see 78 teams compete in what's said to be the biggest female rugby tournament in the world for girls.
The top-ranked fighter for her age group mainly relies on her mother, also an elite martial artist, for guidance.
The Hong Kong International School student has received a scholarship to Miami University in America and will compete at the Division One level.