Through pure hard work and persistence, Raymond Poon is on his way to becoming Hong Kong’s next big boxing star.
The Premier League striker hopes World Cup refereeing will improve after rescuing England with two goals in a 2-1 victory against Tunisia on Monday.
The 42nd Mantas Invitational Swim Meet was a friendly, but still fiery and competitive, contest that brought together elite young swimmers from all over the world last weekend.
Silence is golden – or, at least, it was for participants of a race conducted entirely without verbal communication earlier this month.
The 2018 Fifa World Cup is underway and millions around the world has football fever. 
Over 930 student athletes were presented with awards today at the 13th annual Hong Kong Students Sports Awards.
There have been several stunning results in this year's FIFA World Cup, but none as shocking as this.
She reveals what she’s been up to since becoming a full-time professional athlete a year ago; it hasn’t all been smooth skating.
YP Junior reporters had the chance to test the waters in an introductory dragon boat course held in Ap Lei Chau by the Aberdeen Dragon Boat Race association.
Put down that Gatorade – if you don’t exercise enough to balance the extra sugar you’re adding to your body, then it’s bad for you.
Local fencing champions Gigi Ma, Paco Chan and Christelle Ko look forward to competing and are prepared to give their all.