Russian snowboarding prodigy Vasilia Ermakova has her sights set on the Olympics and X-Games.
Goalkeeper Eric Ching in action.
Goalkeeper Eric Ching Man-chun always has his eyes on the ball rather than the goal as he tries to stop opponents from scoring in matches.
Hong Kong Under-19 cricket squad members, (left to right) Ruchitha Venkatesh, Annie Ho Hung-ying, Kiki Kan Hoi-ki and Mariko Hill.
Cricket- once widely regarded by Hong Kong's Chinese population as a man's sport played by foreigners- has been successfully beating stereotypes among teenagers in the city.
So Yi-chun outshone the rest at the Red Bull event on September 13.
On a sunny Tuesday afternoon at Wan Chai's Southorn Playground, So Yi-chun had a good reason to stand taller than the other 63 men who played in the Red Bull King of...
Children from Christian Action and coaching staff at the AC Milan Soccer School.
Underprivileged children in Hong Kong can attend free football classes with one of the world's leading clubs, AC Milan, thanks to local charity Football for Life.
In only his first season in the local First Division Football League, Roberto Losada Rodriguez already proved himself to be its top player...
Table tennis player Billy Poon Sheung-hei, has rediscovered his winning ways.
Table tennis player Billy Poon Sheung-hei has managed to rejuvenate his game after adopting a new, tougher mental approach...
NBA stars Chris Paul (left) and Carmelo Anthony put some of Hong Kong's best young players through their paces at Southorn Stadium.
There's some exciting news for basketball fans on the mainland. NBA mega stars Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets have shown interest in...
Annie Au, 22, who is the first Hong Kong-born squash player to break into the world's top 10 rankings
Squash star Annie Au Wing-chi is often doing calculations – both on and off court...
Ben Tseng (left) and Charlie Tsui  are masters with the bow and arrow
Junior archers Ben Tseng Tik-bun and Charlie Tsui Chung-yan refuse to surrender - either on or off the field...
Swinging away_L
Young Post headed up to Tianjin last weekend to catch up with some top young polo players, watch a match and even try their hand at the sport...