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Programme overseen by the Hong Kong Sports Institute and Lam Tai Fai College allows for both studying and training.
The 18-year-old student athlete was recently crowned champion of the youth category at the 2018 RS:X Windsurfing Asian Championships.
It was the fourth and final quarter of an international schools netball tournament finals, but there wasn’t a clear victor yet. Kellett School from Hong Kong and Dulwich College from Shanghai were neck and neck, and it was unnerving for both teams.
After one bad race destroyed her confidence, the 17-year-old triathlete learned to care for both her physical and mental health.
It is the first ever national championship medal in figure skating for a Hong Kong athlete.
Don’t let failure define you. When you fail, come to terms with it, acknowledge where you went wrong, and move on.
We round up the best sports prodigies from around the world, and highlight the amazing feats they’ve achieved this year.
KGV cross-country champs Charlie Hall and Kirsten Lai share with us their struggles and some of the secrets to their recent inter-school success.
The 19-year-old student recently came second in the men’s compound bow event at the Southeast Asian Open Archery Championship in Myanmar.