You can also carve up the slopes at an indoor skiing venue or chuck heavy stones at...other heavy stones in an introductory curling course.
The 19-year-old national team member first fell in love with the mini bowling game at the family-friendly arcade chain
The World Anti-Doping Agency concluded that Moscow had tampered with laboratory data.
The 22-year-old retired from the more dangerous BMX events when he was 18 after suffering serious shoulder injuries.
The team earlier finished second in Group G of the preliminary round before defeating the tall, powerfully-built Inner Mongolia team.
Teen star Ceci Lee showed improvement, as both athletes had the support of the home crowd at the Tseung Kwan O velodrome on the weekend.
We spoke to star swimmer Siobhan Haughey, fencing stalwart Ryan Choi, and others in a year-end reflection of 2019.
The active player of the Valley Black Ladies is a coach of the Under-14 Sandy Bay youth girls’ team.
The self-taught athlete will head to Europe next year to take part in more challenging races.
The 16-year-old St Margaret’s Co-educational School student follows a gruelling training schedule and represents the city at international events.
The fast-bowler will bowl on Friday, with his team at 240 after their turn at bat.