Special reports

Never dismiss an idea out of hand just because it sounds stupid, says this year’s Student of the Year Grand Prize winner - that’s how some of the greatest innovations are achieved.
During my studies at City University, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange programme to the University of Toronto in Canada for four months. It has been one of the most wonderful parts of my undergraduate degree so far.
Award-winning CityU student says overseas tours, internships helped shape her goals and career.
When I first set foot in the Singapore offices of the accounting firm BDO, I felt like a kitten among wolves – lost and completely out of place.
You’ve probably heard a lot about press freedom already. But if you haven’t, that’s okay, this is a good place to start. Here is why press freedom it should be important to you, and what you can do to help keep it free.
When you hear about an internship abroad, are you eager to strive for a life-changing experience, or do you fear change?
I meet quite a few students every year at seminars and interviews in my role as admissions tutor for programmes in the College of Business at City University, and I’ve noticed...
Most secondary school students tell me they like travelling around the world and are very interested in exchange programmes.
On January 21, 2015, a busload of students from the mainland and students from the Department of Linguistics and Translation (LT) at City University of Hong Kong spent a week together experiencing the culture of Hong Kong, from its cinemas to the landscape, and from food to village life.
A CityU team seeks to empower retirees and working parents via an app that can help boost social harmony
Making our unique personal stories come to life enriches the cultural life of our city, teaches us about real-life history and helps us all understand each other.