Special reports

The finalists of the Student of the Year Science and Mathematics category had to answer the judges in ways they'd not prepared for.
Nominees must have the right attitude, show initiative, and have a real dedication to their sport.
Judges Kevin Kwong and Edmund Lee let us know what special qualities they want in this year’s candidates.
Past Student of the Year winners share about their current lives and also their top tips for this year’s contenders.
Here’s a recap of all the fun and creative ideas that were pitched at the OSC Fun 4 Funds Challenge workshop.
From winners of the linguist category, to those deemed most devoted to their school, here’s a quick update on a few of last year’s Student of the Year (SOTY) winners, and their advice for this year’s nominees.
We’re on the hunt for excellence: the annual Student of the Year Awards are now open for applications. The SOTY awards celebrate Hong Kong’s most outstanding secondary school students.
From nominations, interviews, and even a one-day leadership camp; here’s what to expect from the prestigious event this year.
The truly generous nature of Hongkongers comes alive at Christmas, but did you know that the campaign began, not in 1988, but in 1960?
While Hong Kong is known as a food paradise, will our local food culture fade out eventually?
Sino Junior Reporter Programme allows students to learn about journalism and local food culture.