Special reports

The finalists of the Student of the Year Science and Mathematics category had to answer the judges in ways they'd not prepared for.
Academics still matter, but the judges are looking for candidates who plan to be full-time athletes determined to excel on the world stage.
In the eyes of the judges, all 12 finalists of the Community Contributor award deserve to be lauded for their efforts to making the world a better place.
The CEO of the Hong Kong Jockey Club – sponsors of the Student of the Year Awards – tells us what the awards mean to him.
This year’s judges for the Scientist & Mathematician category want to see candidates who learn from experience, in addition to textbooks.
This year’s judges tell us that overcoming failure and learning from it is just as important as good academic results.
The category is there to remind young people of the significance of community, and how giving is as much of an accomplishment as getting.
Having a good command of English, Cantonese, or Putonghua isn’t enough to become a finalist for the Student of the Year (SOTY) – Linguist award; candidates have to prove they have completely mastered a way of expressing their language skills.
Two of the judges in the Student of the Year Community Contributor category tell us what they look for in candidates and what SOTY means to them.
From selling home-made Christmas cookies to holding DIY bracelet workshops for their classmates, these ideas are great fun and fund-raisers.
Student of the Year may be fast approaching its 40th anniversary, but it remains one of the most prestigious events for students to participate in.