Special reports

Never dismiss an idea out of hand just because it sounds stupid, says this year’s Student of the Year Grand Prize winner - that’s how some of the greatest innovations are achieved.
Student of the Year Harry Tam (left) with his secondary school principal, Wong Chi-keung. Wong said Harry has a rare combination of gifts, both in academic and community contribution.
As part of Celebrating Hong Kong, the /Hong Kong Jockey Club Student of the Year Awards is a prestigious annual secondary school competition that recognises not only the academic achievements of students, but also their skills in fields including sport, the arts and...
The technological development of smartphones and other similar IT gadgets has brought a lot of convenience to society. It has made communication easier, facilitating group-chats and making it possible to send and receive emails anytime and anywhere.
You'll definitely need to be an outstanding athlete, but there's a lot more to this award than just strength, speed and agility. Our distinguished sports judges tell Vien Tsang what it takes to be named South China Morning Post Student of the Year - Sportsperson.
An international summit on biodiversity was held in Nagoya, Japan, in October 2010. Around the same time in Cancun, Mexico, there was an international summit on climate change. Is it a good idea to consider these issues in conferences that take place at opposite ends of the world?
Siobhan Haughey is on top of her game, both in school and in the pool
Siobhan Haughey, winner of the 2013 South China Morning Post Student of the Year - Sportsperson award talks about the 2014 Asian Games and her hopes for the future.
Three members of the Student of the Year judging panel talks about their expectations and advice they have to offer to the Student of the Year candidates
Ethel Luk has her own business, an online boutique called Allineveryday, which sells Korean fashion. The way she found success? She learnt the rules of the game and stayed smart about it.
We have recently heard about photos of naked celebrities being made public after the cloud was hacked, raising serious issues about privacy and leaking information.
Intelligence, diligence, ambition. These three qualities are part of what defines the candidates for Student of the Year. But to win the Grand Prize, it will take that extra bit of determination to push ahead of the fierce competition.
At the end of the first session students had a good overview of journalism and the Sino Group's environmental programmes.
Writing skills are usually the most difficult to acquire in a foreign language. Getting some help from experienced journalists is a great opportunity, and this is what happened to close to 30 students who joined the Sino Junior Reporter Programme held in cooperation with Young Post.