Special reports

These pithy thoughts will keep you motivated in life, even when times get tough.
All the finalists have hundreds of hours of volunteer experience under their belt, but judges are looking for more than just dedication.
A day of thrills, challenges and triumphs helped this year’s Student of the Year candidates grow from competitors into companions.
With stakes being so high, each student is determined to make a lasting impression on the judges.
Two judges for the Student of the Year – Visual Arts award on the qualities they are looking for in contestants.
Performing Artist category finalists need to bring something unique or even surprising that makes them stand out from the crowd.
Out of the many entrants who joined the Speak Up! Voice Competition, 14-year-old Tifany Fan and Shaik Mogdoom Rasmiyah, 16, were crowned last year’s winners.
Best Improvement candidates should be modest about their progress and find ways to do even better.
The Hong Kong Jockey Club is promoting creativity as a way of further encouraging ideas and experimentation.
We speak to this year’s judges of the Student of the Year – Sportsperson award about what the prize stands for, and what extra qualities they are looking for in candidates.
The judges in this year’s maths and science category are looking for action above a good-looking CV.