Special reports

Never dismiss an idea out of hand just because it sounds stupid, says this year’s Student of the Year Grand Prize winner - that’s how some of the greatest innovations are achieved.
Here's the inside scoop on what catches a judge's attention.
When it comes to the Student of the Year – Community Contribution category, this year’s judge is looking for young people who shape the future of our city.
The winners of last year’s Student of the Year awards tell us how the experience is still opening doors for them, one year on.
The rapid depletion of Hong Kong’s natural environment has gone far beyond our ability to remedy the situation.
Turning Hong Kong into a green city might not be as far-fetched as it seems.
There is no panacea for climate change, but there can be an antidote to it - if we all practise green living ourselves.
As this year’s Student of the Year competition rolls around, previous winners talk about what they gained from the contest.
The prestigious competition for Hong Kong teens will focus on the theme of creativity, which is often overlooked in the city’s education system.