Special reports

It’s easy to take language for granted, but the three 2017 Student of the Year Linguist Award winners understand its importance.
Gone are the times where trishaws traversed the narrow unpaved streets that once characterised Singapore. Long missed are the days where city lights did not dim the glow of the stars that spanned across the night sky.
As we constantly strive for the contemporary in the 21st century, we should not forget the rich historical values and evocative stories behind our local heritage.
As Singapore’s 50th birthday draws closer, still standing strong are the buildings that have long been present before the country even came to independence.
For most Singaporean youth today, history and heritage are merely the stuff of Social Studies textbooks. They are dilapidated buildings, dust and decay, and the faded beauty of glory days long past.
A student competition has given much food for thought about history and what it means to us.
If your mum always tells you how healthy bitter melon is, listen to her. Research has shown it has healing properties; one study suggests that an oily homogenized form of bitter melon helped heal an injured rabbit.
Wi-fi routers use harmful radiation to send signals, but is this radiation dangerous for the seeds of plants?
Learning about the pleasures and hardships of running one's own company from Dennis Kwan (third from right), founder of QBS System
If your grandparents are living alone, an upcoming healthcare watch may ease your concern for their safety. Among other things, the watch can detect a sudden movement of tumbling and automatically send out distress signals, before its owner actually falls.
The students interviewed Tommie Lo (middle), founder of Prologue Online Tutorial
Being a member of Generation Z, you may think that starting up a business in Hong Kong is a mission impossible. But difficulties have not stopped Tommie Lo, founder and chief executive of Prologue Online Tutorial, from pursuing his dream.
The students interviewed Tommie Lo (middle), founder of Prologue Online Tutorial
In the eyes of many, Generation Y stands for brashness, self-absorption and egocentrism; they have unorthodox views and take eccentric actions which society does not appreciate. But Tommie Lo, a young entrepreneur, debunked this perception with his very own success story of starting up a business.