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It's also about "connecting other dots."
Last year's Student of the Year - Scientist & Mathematician winner and finalists talks about what it takes to win the prestigious award.
A growing number of Hong Kong people are more inclined towards health conscious eating habits and thus, prefer to cook their own food. The question then is from where as a customer would you prefer to buy meat and vegetables?
Each year, candidates impress the panel of judges with accolades, awards and academic achievements. But for a student to really stand out above the rest, it takes something special.
Hong Kong's most prestigious award for students is about searching for the best of the best, so last year's top three offer their tips for success.
The Student of the Year competition is open to all senior-secondary students. In fact, we're accepting more nominations (two per category per school) this year in order to celebrate the hard work of more students. It's a common misconception that the Student of the Year Awards are only for elite...
The Student of the Year competition recognises not only academic excellence, but talent and ability in many other fields of life.
The prestigious South China Morning Post Student of the Year competition is back once again! The 35th annual awards event will celebrate the achievements of Hong Kong’s top secondary school students.
In modern-day Singapore, national heritage is often perceived, especially by the young, as an heirloom that is not very impressive and is to be put aside uncared for until the time is right to pass it on to the next generation to do the same.
Gone are the times where trishaws traversed the narrow unpaved streets that once characterised Singapore. Long missed are the days where city lights did not dim the glow of the stars that spanned across the night sky.
As we constantly strive for the contemporary in the 21st century, we should not forget the rich historical values and evocative stories behind our local heritage.