Special reports

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Out of the many entrants who joined the Speak Up! Voice Competition, 14-year-old Tifany Fan and Shaik Mogdoom Rasmiyah, 16, were crowned last year’s winners.
Best Improvement candidates should be modest about their progress and find ways to do even better.
The Hong Kong Jockey Club is promoting creativity as a way of further encouraging ideas and experimentation.
We speak to this year’s judges of the Student of the Year – Sportsperson award about what the prize stands for, and what extra qualities they are looking for in candidates.
The judges in this year’s maths and science category are looking for action above a good-looking CV.
Here's the inside scoop on what catches a judge's attention.
When it comes to the Student of the Year – Community Contribution category, this year’s judge is looking for young people who shape the future of our city.
The winners of last year’s Student of the Year awards tell us how the experience is still opening doors for them, one year on.