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What normally comes to mind when you think about climate change?
Actors just talk and walk and sometimes they do both things at the same time. But most people can do that. The difference is that actors have to use imagination and empathy to put themselves into somebody else’s shoes and become that person in a given situation.
Sam Ng, 18, was awarded a full scholarship from The Wharf Art Scholarship Scheme that covers his full three years of undergraduate study.
Winner of the SOTY Visual Artist award in 2016, Sam Ng Chung-hei told Young Post about his art, experiences, and the people that inspired him.
Many of us have probably tried listening to classical music to relax after a long school day. But for Student of the Year (SOTY) 2016 Performing Artist Rachel Lam, it is a time-travelling experience that brings back sweet childhood memories.
I have always thought how awesome it is that students are able to visit untouched sites on an art and science research expedition to find new ways to understand climate change. Out of the blue, I was selected to join the diving team on the coral triangle expedition.
Some people believe that travelling to the other side of the world is a life-changing experience, while others consider it to be a time-out from their busy daily lives.
Every year there is a buzzworthy event among the Disney circle and university students – the ImagiNations Design Competition.
During my studies at City University, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange programme to the University of Toronto in Canada for four months. It has been one of the most wonderful parts of my undergraduate degree so far.
Award-winning CityU student says overseas tours, internships helped shape her goals and career.
When I first set foot in the Singapore offices of the accounting firm BDO, I felt like a kitten among wolves – lost and completely out of place.