Special reports

Success didn’t come to this year’s SOTY winners overnight. Here are the stories of hard work and dedication behind the prizes.
Scientist, activist and now Student of the Year 2017 Grand Prize Winner, Misha Fischer is truly unstoppable.
Here are some highlights from the 2017 Student of the Year awards, and a look at this year's impressive finalists.
There are many ways to stand out in school as a student, but selfless contribution to school life can be one of the most rewarding.
There are no lack of smart students in Hong Kong. The city is often ranked highly in global education and literacy surveys, and Hong Kong students regularly get into prestigious universities, local and overseas.
This year’s SOTY Leadership camps tested candidates’ problem-solving skills, teamworking ability – and their courage.
These young artists are breaking Hong Kong youth stereotypes with their creative talent and deep understanding of current social issues.
These young performers want to change the culture of arts appreciation for everyone in Hong Kong.
Past Chopin Piano Competition winner says hard work and dedication are key to those who want to pursue a career in music.
The road of an aspiring musicians can be a long and challenging one, but the enthusiastic young music students at Renaissance College had the chance to learn about what it takes to be a professional musician from international award-winning pianist Colleen Lee.
Judges for the 2017 SOTY Scientist and Mathematician award had some very tough decisions to make. Here's a look at the intense selection process.