Special reports

The Diocesan Boys’ School student guided his team to two prizes at the World Choir Games.
This year’s winners helped improve their school in subtle but meaningful ways.
Emily Tang, the 2017 winner of the Spirit of Hong Kong Innovating for Good award, designed a toilet which is safer to use for Parkinson’s patients.
Support! International Foundation partnered with local schools to make language learning more accessible for less privileged children in the city.
Wong Yue-ching, who won one gold and one silver medal at the Dubai 2017 Asian Youth Para Games, trains with iron weights on her paddles to build strength.
Never dismiss an idea out of hand just because it sounds stupid, says this year’s Student of the Year Grand Prize winner - that’s how some of the greatest innovations are achieved.
The 38th Student of the Year Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday, May 25 at the Kowloon Shangri-La, celebrating the city's most talented secondary students.
This year's judges say good leadership skills and perseverance are essential, but a willingness to look beyond the school context is also needed.
The CEOs of SCMP and Hong Kong Jockey Club offer SOTY finalists advice, and tell them to not be afraid of failure.
The category's judges said they were as impressed with the stories behind the students' enthusiasm as they were with their talents on the field, in the stadium, or underwater.
The finalists of the Student of the Year Science and Mathematics category had to answer the judges in ways they'd not prepared for.