Top designs include a robot that collects waste on beaches, and a prototype that filters pollutants from seawater.
Scientists in Paris are expected to approve plans to use a new definition of a kilogram based on Planck's constant.
There is a chance for developers to provide contexts that encourage moral behaviour and social instruction in video games.
From men driving across America to a woman filing an automobile patent, here are the science stories of 1903.
The study of prehistoric fossils can take a palaeontologist from inside a lab filled with the latest technology to the wildest areas of the world.
Space agencies could plan where to send landers as scientists pinpoint regions that are most likely to have the greatest amounts of dissolved O2.
The world-renowned physicist was perhaps best known for his book A Brief History of Time.
An initiative of The Women’s Foundation, the Girls Go Tech programme takes a multi-faceted approach to make STEM engaging to participants.
Adopting better farming practices is also vital to prevent further climate change.
Dead whale’s body found on Scottish island contained deadly pollutant at 100 times the toxic threshold.
Yet another reminder, in the lead-up to Global Handwashing Day, of the importance of hygiene