The 18-year-old University of Hong Kong student will compete against other STEM enthusiasts from around the world in the semi-final round.
Hong Kong has just recorded its 20th case of measles this year, an unusually high number for the infectious airborne disease.
One of the winning teams at the Solve for Tomorrow competition tell us how they're helping those with Special Education Needs.
The project set to show new insights into the nature of light from far-off places in the universe.
Concrete is cheap and strong, but even locals who have been through many disasters say they hate the walls between them and the ocean.
It’s not just the environment that is hurt by the effects of climate change – countries are hurt financially, too
The past five years have been, in total, the hottest on record, with 2018 the fourth-warmest since modern records began.
The numbers do not tell the whole story, so countries will need to reassess their roles as they contribute towards combating climate change.
Emma Haruka Iwao beat the previous record that was set in 2016 by relying on cloud technology.
Every year, people around the world celebrate a special set of numbers that begin 3.14 on the 14th day of the third month of the year (that’s today).
American scientists found that trying to catch up on sleep doesn't work, and that such an inconsistent schedule might make things worse.