Top designs include a robot that collects waste on beaches, and a prototype that filters pollutants from seawater.
Form 6 student Bai Zhiyuan won the 2018 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards for a research paper about geometry.
Previous research suggests we look for unhealthy snacks when we aren’t well rested because of changes in our hormone levels, but a recent study points to changes in brain activity as the main cause.
The search for a way to good food elsewhere intensifies, as Nasa and private companies plan manned expeditions to Mars within 15 years.
The annual December celestial event features particularly slow-moving shootings stars. Here's where to go to see it, and how best to capture it.
The team from Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College won silver at the World GreenMech Contest.
Coined as ‘an aeroplane inside a tube’, the rail-based system uses Elon Musk’s Hyperloop technology to take transportation to the next level.
He Jiankui of Shenzhen says he changed the DNA of two baby girls to resist infection from the HIV virus.
Display has 3D visuals you can view without special glasses, and offers games and movies converted to the format.
Here's a list of common household items to be mindful of, and avoid using near flames. Remember: safety first.
Home-grown aircraft AG600 could also be used to transport troops and supplies in disputed waterway, say military observers.