At Ocean Park’s International STEAM Education Conference, Professor Peter Taylor explains why combining art and science is so important.
Every year, people around the world celebrate a special set of numbers that begin 3.14 on the 14th day of the third month of the year (that’s today).
American scientists found that trying to catch up on sleep doesn't work, and that such an inconsistent schedule might make things worse.
The fossil fuel industry has a lot to gain by convincing the public that climate change isn’t real, but the environment stands to lose in a big way.
Tired of those arguments that just won’t die? Arm yourself with the facts for next time someone brings up a ... questionable theory
Concrete is beautiful and versatile but, unfortunately, it ticks all the boxes in terms of environmental degradation, says Anthony Thistleton
The developing world is making great strides towards prosperity, but at what cost?
For developing nations, heavyweight construction projects are beneficial like a boxer putting on muscle. But for already mature economies, it is harmful like an aged athlete pumping ever stronger steroids to ever less effect.
The Pantheon and Colosseum in Rome show how strong concrete is. It is made from sand, small stones, water and clinker, a lime-based binder that has to be baked in very hot ovens.
Look around you. Notice how much concrete you see. Now read on . . .
Scientists says 2 per cent of our universe's hydrogen and helium have been converted into other elements 13.8 billion years after the Big Bang.