The 18-year-old University of Hong Kong student will compete against other STEM enthusiasts from around the world in the semi-final round.
The 500-metre aperture spherical telescope in Guizhou province is the largest single radio dish on the planet, but was not designed to look at the signals that black holes emit.
Rapid advancement of space travel and technology does little to support ‘fake’ moon landings theory.
Top designs include a robot that collects waste on beaches, and a prototype that filters pollutants from seawater.
What is a pescatarian? How about a flexitarian? They all revolve around eating a plant-based diet, but there are notable differences.
Pictures of supermassive black hole in the centre of galaxy M87 confirmed predictions about the nature of the cosmic abysses.
Scientists are planning to reveal the first picture of a black hole today.
An expert at medical entomology says body chemistry is the main factor that determines how attractive you are to the mini bloodsuckers.
The US Transportation Department is probing the Federal Aviation Administration's approval of the jumbo jet after it was involved in two crashes.
The US space agency can only have one medium-size spacesuit ready by Friday on the International Space Station, so astronaut Anne McClain will be replaced by a male colleague.
These eco-friendly, zero-waste methods work well in Hong Kong’s warm humid weather.