China has one-third of the world's rare earths reserves and accounts for 90 per cent of the global supply.
The process is known as parthenogenesis, and it is the first time the phenomenon has been seen in a vertebrate in the wild.
The World Health Organisation says polluted air causes 7 million deaths globally each year.
Ahead of the Hong Kong date of his live world show, Brian Cox spoke to us about the importance of science, and of speaking up.
The famous physicist predicted gravitational waves a century before scientists actually discovered them.
New Horizon’s spacecraft flew by the distant peanut-shaped Kuiper Belt object, and this is what we’ve learned.
The international movement organised a protest in London last month where more than 1,000 environmental activists were arrested.
HE3DA, a company based in Prague, has developed a nanotechnology that makes electrode rods absorb more energy.
A University of Hong Kong neurology professor helped us understand why the Vans sneaker looks different to different people.
Human activities such food production and energy consumption are major causes of why the Earth is in such bad shape.
The Eta Aquarids shower, which is active between April and May each year, was expected to be at its brightest on Monday night.