Find out in this map of the 'Ring of Fire' in the Pacific Ocean and infographic about tectonic plates.
However, debate about whether the Tyrannosaurus rex was fast enough to be a skilful predator rages on.
Researchers have developed a material that scatters light to make objects invisible in certain wavelengths of light.
From breakthroughs in gene editing to the unveiling of the first-ever picture of a black hole and the rise of artificial intelligence, scientists made waves.
The best time to see it would be from 1am to 6am on Saturday morning.
A skeleton of an ancient turtle-like creature measuring 2.5 metres long was found to have a beak and some teeth.
As the effects of climate change continue to increase, amphibious architecture may be one solution to rising sea levels.
The phenomenon occurs when the moon partially obscures the sun and casts a half-shadow on Earth.
The 37-year-old Tokyo resident held a small wedding ceremony that was attended by friends and relatives.
Scientists have found that appropriate amounts of the metal is important in maintaining cholesterol balance.
UN health agency report is based on surveys taken by 1.6 million students across 146 countries.