The campaign targeted the protest movement and called demonstrators 'terrorists' and 'cockroaches'.
FBI released this combo photo of suspects number 1 (left) and number 2 of the Boston Marathon bombing.
UPDATE: Dzhozha Tsarnaev, the second suspect believed to have planted bombs at the Boston Marathon, is now in custody, the Boston Police ...
Minfong Ho
Ever since she was a child, Burmese-born American writer Minfong Ho has understood the uncertainties of life. She heard stories from her parents and ...
Alexander Kumar and the vast Antarctica
This is what biologist Alexander Kumar calls the heart of Antarctica. Temperatures here plunge to -80C, there's little oxygen, and pitch darkness reigns ...
Y Thuan with her own baby son born at the commune health centre.
In the past, it was common practice for expectant mothers to give birth at home. To make sure everything went smoothly, a midwife would be on hand to help.
Screenshot from the new Tekken Tag Tournament 2
The Mishima family feud has lasted for 20 years. It all began when the father tossed his five-year-old son off a cliff, believing the boy was too weak ...
London has so many tourist spots that it's natural to assume it's an expensive city. It can be. But there are more than a few ways to save your pennies.
Zombie Walk_L
Vampires and werewolves are so five minutes ago. Zombies are all the rage these days, especially with the popularity of AMC's series The Walking Dead.
Fiammetta Cavatorta starred in musicals such as Anything Goes and High School Musical in Hong Kong
Hollywood film star Angelina Jolie once said: "Acting is not pretending or lying. It's finding a side of yourself that's the character."
Rhino Poaching_L
Widespread bribery of law enforcement officials in Southeast Asia is making the fight against the trade in animal parts to mainland China tougher ...
Lee Hee-ah performs in Hong Kong.
Playing the piano has been a life-changing experience for Korean Lee Hee-ah. It boosted her confidence and strengthened her belief that "with perseverance ...