The campaign targeted the protest movement and called demonstrators 'terrorists' and 'cockroaches'.
Bridgit Mendler Music_L
What do Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have in common besides being popular teen idols? They all got their big breaks by starring in shows on ...
Godfrey Gao Mortal_L
You can forgive Godfrey Gao if he's a little nervous about his first Hollywood movie. The 28-year-old Taiwanese-born, Canadian-raised actor has done projects ...
Liam Gallagher sings with Beady Eye at Britain's Glastonbury Festival in June.
Beady Eye, formed by a few ex-members of the legendary rock band Oasis in 2009, certainly wouldn't deny their music contains influence from their previous musical life.
Ji Suk-jin, Haha, Kim Jong-kook and Gary are proving popular hosts of Running Man.
To give you an idea of how popular the South Korean television show Running Man is, when four members of the cast came to AsiaWorld-Expo on July 13 for a ...
Gabrielle Aplin Music_L
Gabrielle Aplin is an up-and-coming English singer-songwriter. She recently released her debut album English Rain to positive reviews. Her soft vocals over acoustic ...
Learning from his art_L
Masaharu Fukuyama plays Professor Manabu Yukawa in the much-loved, almost addictive, Japanese detective TV dramas Galileo.
Joyce Poole Elephant_L
Joyce Poole and her husband have successfully deciphered hundreds of different elephant sounds and examples of body language. They hope sharing her ...
Illac Angelo Diaz proudly holds a bottle bulb.
A simple plastic bottle, water and bleach offer a better quality of life and a bit of light to those living in the slums of the Philippines.
From left: Yasmine Yousaf, Kris Trindl and Jahan Yousaf
The recent dance-floor hit Alive has given US EDM group Krewella a lot of publicity. With its relatable lyrics and catchy leading piano melody, the track ...
Twins Tegan (right) and Sara Quin
Pop music is usually looked down on as music that's watered down and lacking in personality. Pop artists are usually labelled as sell-outs who are more interested ...