Many of the words come from pop culture and the STEM fields; some are brand new, but others have new, or different meanings today.
In an epic 409-day journey, James Hooper and Rob Gauntlett crossed the frozen plains of Greenland, cycled through North and South America and sailed to the South Pole
By the age of 19, British climbers James Hooper and Rob Gauntlett had already conquered Mount Everest, the planet's highest point...
Morgan Parker, founder of Wheel2Wheel, with children in Central Flores, Indonesia, during his 125-day trip.
In a Sumatran village Morgan Parker and his three travelling companions were looking for a place to spend the night. They ended up in the local tribal chief's home; It had no beds...
Julia Lovell, author of 'The Opium War'
Every student either here or on the mainland has heard in school about the Opium War in 1839. Yet that does not mean that nothing new can be said on the subject..
Blush features (from back) Hongkonger Victoria Chan, Korean Lee Ji-hae, Angeli Flores, from the Philippines, Natsuko Danjo from Japan, and Indian Alisha Budhrani
A new force threatens the United States This time it’s an Asian invasion – of the airwaves and album charts...
Judges Gregg Wallace (left) and John Torode host "MasterChef Goes Large" Series 5, a cooking show that is more than just how to boil an egg: it's also great television entertainment
Most cooking shows are no longer just about cooking. Once cooking shows were bland instructional how-tos with quick tips and easy recipe...
Put your pijamas on for a pillow fight_L
Watch out, the pillow fight is coming to town!
Children at the STC safe area
Join the campaign and make origami crane and a donation to support Save the Children initiatives in Japan!
Once Emmanuel Jal toted guns in his native Sudan as a child. Now he is singing and rapping about the need for peace around the world.
Emmanuel Jal has found his calling in life. He wants to spread the message of peace worldwide - through his music...
2011 asian cup_L
South Korea, Japan and Australia are the favourites to win this year's Asian Cup...
A xmas glossary_L
It's Christmas time, mistletoe and wine ... It seems the yuletide holiday is inescapable, with cards and carols and tinsel and toys in our faces whichever way we turn...