It has been five days since a dozen boys were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand, and five days since Elon Musk has been wandering in a Twitter labyrinth of his own making.
Kids growing up behind the millennials finally have an identify - and they're using it to call for protection from guns.
“We don’t know how many of our girls have been found and no parent is sure that his daughter is among them."
They never should have had to speak up and stand up to politicians - but they are. They are the students who have had enough of living as potential victims of gun violence.
Asian-Americans have become some of the most prominent figures in this year's Winter Olympic Games.
The Island School student won his invites to a prestigious international conference after taking part in a ESF public speaking competition.
Myanmar government denies ethnic cleansing of minority Rohingya Muslims, but starving refugees arriving in Bangladesh tell a different story.
More than 180 aftershocks have been recorded since the main quake on Tuesday and more than 60 people are still missing.
The 95 year-old former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics was suffering from shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat.
On Wednesday, the world witnessed a very rare lunar event: a blue moon, a lunar eclipse, and a super moon. This trio of lunar events were last seen together more than 150 years ago, in the 1800s!
Yesterday, US President Donald J Trump gave his first state-of-the-union speech. Here are some of the key points, and why they matter.