The 18-year-old University of Hong Kong student will compete against other STEM enthusiasts from around the world in the semi-final round.
Study conducted by International Union for Conservation of Nature says that 21 out of 46 sites that have glaciers will lose all their ice by the year 2100.
Many of the words come from pop culture and the STEM fields; some are brand new, but others have new, or different meanings today.
In the Vatican, the pontiff encouraged the teen climate activist to continue fighting for change.
The blaze, which destroyed the spire but was stopped from reaching the towers, was possibly linked to a renovation project.
800 year old building a historic and religious treasure
The megastars broke a record set by fellow South Korean band BlackPink only last week.
The Australian native was hustled out of the Ecuadorian embassy in the British on Thursday after the South American country withdrew his asylum.
Learn more about these weird and wonderful traditions from across the globe - which is the most interesting?
The film, helmed by 'Pitch Perfect' director Kay Cannon, came from an idea TV host James Corden had, and will feature music by the Hispanic singer.