The two met to discuss their activism at Britain's University of Oxford.
The adopted feline was eight years old and had thousands of followers @iamlilbub
The US president's team said the news organisation did not treat the country's leader fairly.
Most of those killed have been young children under the age of four.
The announcement comes ahead of COP25, the United Nations' climate conference to be held in Madrid, Spain, next week.
The graphic depicted Batwoman throwing a Molotov cocktail with the text ‘The Future is Young’ in the background.
Anton Walker, 17, is trying to get his home city of Copenhagen to lower greenhouse gas emissions with policy proposals.
It's so much easier to follow the news when you understand the language being used.
Chief Executive Carrie Lam brushed off the outcome of the vote, while Chinese state media called the results skewed.
The legislation could sanction the government for not upholding autonomy from the mainland