It has been five days since a dozen boys were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand, and five days since Elon Musk has been wandering in a Twitter labyrinth of his own making.
A medic wearing protective gear in a hospital in Madrid, Spain.
Quarantine? Virus? Dogs? Keep up to date on all you need to know about the deadly disease.
Augustin (L) and Junita created a miniature water-filtration system to explain how it works
In Hong Kong, when we feel thirsty, all we need to do is fill a glass with water from the tap at home or buy a bottle of distilled water from the nearest convenience store.
Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as Baby Doc
Jean-Claude Duvalier stepped up to rule Haiti when he was 19. He followed in the footsteps of his brutal father, this is his story:
A man with his hands encased in plastic bags, cries after he learns that his brother, who he brought to the Ebola treatment centre at Island hospital in Monrovia yesterday.
It began in a village deep in the forests of south eastern Guinea, when a two-year-old boy named Emile developed a mysterious illness. Now it is causing panic in the United States. This is how the deadly Ebola virus ended up in Dallas
Canto-pop singer Denise Ho speaking in Admiralty on Saturday.
Celebrities from home and abroad are voicing their opinions on social media as the Occupy Central movement has entered its third day.
Jessica Jung is on her own.
Girls’ Generation had a breakout hit with Gee, but will they be able to continue their success with "only" eight members?
Mount Ontake's eruption trapped about 250 people who were enjoying a hike.
At least 36 people are believed to have died when Mount Ontake erupted on Saturday. The disaster happened just before noon - perhaps the worst possible time, as at least 250 people were enjoying a beautiful autumn hike.
In this handout photo supplied by the Wildlife Conservation Society, (WCS) WCS members inspect the scene where a poached elephant lays dead in the Niassa Reserve, Mozambique, after being shot dead by poachers with an AK-47.
Poachers slaughtered 22 elephants in Mozambique in the first two weeks of September, environmentalists said Monday
One of the migrants rescued by the Libyan coastguard after their boat capsized in an earlier incident is taken out of an ambulance, Libya, 15 September 2014.
In yet another tragedy in the Mediterranean, 10 migrants drown and 35 are missing as their overcrowded boat sinks off Libya
A protester carries a butterfly-shaped cut-out sign during the march in New York.
Hundreds of thousands of people from Melbourne to Manhattan took to the streets yesterday (21SEP) to demand their leaders act on global warming, in the biggest display of public support for action to tackle climate change yet seen.