It has been five days since a dozen boys were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand, and five days since Elon Musk has been wandering in a Twitter labyrinth of his own making.
After the March for Our Lives that took place in the US state of Washington DC, overnight celebrity David Hogg effortlessly worked the swarm of reporters and camera crews following him.
After many years of dedicated service, the Easter Bunny has regrettably decided to retire his post.
Even though some people say the activists want to ban all guns, that's just not true
At first, they were weeping teenagers, survivors of one of the world’s deadliest school massacres.
Kim Jong-un made the visit, which was not announced publicly, ahead of planned meetings with South Korea and the US.
More than 800 protests were held around the world in support of the movement calling for stricter gun control in the United States, following a deadly shooting last month in Florida.
In a historic groundswell of youth activism, hundreds of thousands of teenagers and their supporters rallied across the US against gun violence on Saturday, vowing to transform fear and grief into a “vote-them-out” movement and tougher laws against weapons and ammo.
The student activist reveals the impact of the tragedy, and the social movement that's sprung up because of it.
Finding beds for hundreds of thousands of incoming students is no easy task