The two met to discuss their activism at Britain's University of Oxford.
The woman in question was a Chinese tourist from the city; she has since recovered and is ready to go home.
Hungry wallabies affected by the Australia wildfires received a welcome treat at the weekend. The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service made it rain carrots and sweet potatoes.
Her victory and calls for independence are seen as a blow to Beijing.
Trolls and conservative news outlets have been holding arsonists liable for the extreme blazes, rather than attributing any blame to climate change.
Since late October, nearly 30 people have been killed, millions of hectares of land burned and thousands of homes destroyed.
The bushfires ravaging Australia have killed at least 27 people so far, with the government struggling to stop the blaze even with international assistance. The hot and dry weather has made the fires worse due to a drought and temperatures continue to climb as summer continues.  
Attack comes nearly 24 hours after Tehran launched over a dozen missiles at Iraqi bases housing US troops
The Boeing 737 crashed due to technical problems soon after taking off from the airport in Tehran.
At least 200 also injured as millions gather in Tehran to mourn the military leader, who was killed in a US airstrike last week.
The attack is a response to a strike that killed a top Iranian official last week