Many of the words come from pop culture and the STEM fields; some are brand new, but others have new, or different meanings today.
On March 15, classrooms are set to empty in cities across the globe, from Boston to Bogota, Montreal to Melbourne, Dhaka to Durban, Lagos to London.
Three Norwegian lawmakers have nominated Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, who has become a prominent voice in campaigns against climate change, for the Nobel Peace Prize.
A fast-moving college admissions scandal moved from formal criminal charges to guilty pleas in a matter of hours, yet the full fallout from the federal case against the rich and famous could take months or more to unfold.
The Kiwi leader's attitude is at odds with official statements from other governments including Hong Kong and Australia.
A British parliamentary committee urged the British government to closely monitor guarantees of human rights in the city.
Young climate change warrior has inspired a school walk out and march in Hong Kong.
A 25-year-old hopes other young Taiwanese will follow in his footsteps as he embarks on a mission to visit all of Taiwan’s dwindling allies.
It is estimated that half of all women and girls in poor countries are forced to use rags, cloths, grass and paper during their periods.
The meeting between the US and North Korean leaders is said to have been proceeding amicably.