Hundreds have been released from a Covid-19-stricken ship after testing negative for the virus and completing a 14-day quarantine on board.
We all agree that media organisations should not take sides in their news reports. But often their ideas - both political and personal - are subtly expressed.
Holocaust survivor, Sara Atzmon, says she decided to express her "anger, despair and pain on canvas".
A Holocaust survivor depicts her memories in art, but it took a while to face her past
In the year 2000, world leaders announced a series of Millennium Development Goals. These were targets to help improve the lives of the underprivileged.
People are, by nature, greedy and selfish, and as a result, there is an inequality in the distribution of wealth. In the modern age, with our advanced technology and ample exploitation of natural resources, we should feel no need for greed, or the feeling of "grabbing as much as you can get".
Rhino horns are worth more than their weight in gold on the black market, commanding as much as HK$500,000 per kg. Sadly, it's a prize that criminal groups will risk almost anything to get their hands on.
Roaring lions, wild rhinos and parades of elephants were the sorts of animals volunteers from the University of Science and Technology expected to protect when they ventured to the wild veldt of South Africa last year.
Tony Oller (left), and Malcolm Kelley want to remind people how important it is to have fun
Sarcasm is a brilliant way to highlight problems. That's why when American duo MKTO wrote their debut hit, they decided to name it Thank You, instead of Stuff You...
Prize for persistence_L
If Australian singer-songwriter Samantha Jade were to describe her career, it would be "So close, yet so far". She moved to the US to pursue her music dream at the age of 16...
Polar vortex_L
All over the US, people are dealing with record-breaking low temperatures that are so cold, flight delays, school cancellations, and even deaths have been attributed...
I try to be good at everything_L
Many musicians are so self-absorbed that they are too busy taking selfies in the recording booth all the hard work by anyone else that goes into producing an album...