Social media authors and corporate reviewers of official accounts self-censor while authorities clamp down on politically sensitive topics.
The 13-year-old escaped from her alleged kidnapper Jake Patterson last week.
Canada acted quickly because Rahaf was found to be in danger in Thailand while Australia was slow to process her application, officials say.
Teen said she will be killed if she returns to her family and Saudi Arabia.
The 18-year-old has left the Bangkok airport hotel room she had barricaded to prevent her deportation. She says she plans to seek asylum in Australia, fearing her family would kill her if repatriated.
The dramatic turn of events and Alqunun’s pleas for help echoed those of other women who have tried to flee the abusive or restrictive conditions imposed on them in Saudi Arabia.
Will an Australian visa save Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun from being sent back home?
The literally chill dude documented his record-breaking trip on Instagram.