#BoycottMulan trends on social media after actress shares a post by Communist Party newspaper
A new study suggests that microplastic has been ignored as a source of contamination, following its discovery in some of the most remote areas of the world.
The 16-year-old Swede, who spearheaded the #FridaysForFuture student strikes, will join talks in New York before heading to Canada, Mexico and Chile.
His comments follow the government's decision to deny permanent residence to people who claim benefits such as food stamps or Medicaid.
The Grammy-award winning singer is donating classroom materials to schools in Gilroy, Dayton and the Texan border town, all of which recently experienced gun violence.
The mega popular group's managers, Big Hit Entertainment, said the time off would give the seven artists time to enjoy regular life.
Survivors and relatives of victims of the Christchurch shooting were brought as special guests of the Saudi royal family.
Described by Barack Obama as one of America's best storytellers, she passed away in New York City at the age of 88.
New website spells out emissions toll on global climate and calls for adopting eco-friendly behaviour such as going vegetarian or living car-free for a year.
No tangible changes seen one year after #FridaysforFuture movement began, says teen activist at Smile for Future summit in Switzerland.
The newest outbreak of the deadly virus has killed thousands in the Central African country, leading the World Health Organisation to declare a public health emergency in July.