The star said he had no symptoms and has been isolated since he discovered his possible exposure.
The groups that administer the Scholastic Aptitude Test and ACT exam have announced these measures in response to the outbreak.
The church in Gyeonggi Province sprayed salt water into the mouths of its followers out of a belief it would kill Covid-19.
The Swedish teen wrote a plea to fellow activists to continue the #FridaysForFuture strike online in light of the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
The World Health Organisation announced the decision on Wednesday.
The beloved actor is in Australia filming a movie; he said they will be isolated and monitored for as long as is needed.
Infections outside China have risen 13-fold as US authorities say 20 to 60 per cent of the world's adult population could catch the virus.
While universities like Columbia and Princeton are pausing classes for a few days or weeks, others, like Stanford, have cancelled class until the end of term.
Farmers have been left with massive inventories and price declines as events across the country are cancelled.
Young Post junior reporter Chloe Lau asks Hongkongers around the world about how they have been treated during the Covid-19 outbreak.
It's important to be cautious about how we talk about Covid-19 in order to avoid panic, says the World Health Organisation.