The US President has condemned the impeachment trial and fired two officials who testified against him.
South Korean film ‘Parasite’ was just one of several films to make history at the Oscars 2020.
One of the last living actors of the industry's 'Golden Age', the 103-year-old Douglas was hardworking and charitable.
Trump was accused of withholding military aid from Ukraine to compel the country to investigate his political rival
World Dream had previously sailed from China to Vietnam in January with three passengers who were later diagnosed with disease
The latest tensions between Boris Johnson's team and the media occurred when some reporters were not allowed in the briefing.
Beijing accused the United States of spreading “panic” after it announced it was banning visitors who come from the mainland.
Genetic traces of the new virus have been found in the stool of patients being treated at a hospital in Shenzhen
Philippines reports death of 44-year-old visitor from China, as total number of fatalities rises to 361, with more than 17,000 confirmed cases
The news comes a year after the streaming giant announced they would work on animated versions of 16 Roald Dahl classics.