Hong Kong

Warm, sunny weather is on the way next week, according to Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), which also predicts that this year may be one of the hottest on record in Hong Kong.
A northeast monsoon will bring cold and dry weather to Hong Kong for the rest of the week.
Health minister booed as protesting doctors and nurses say public hospitals need more staff, not money.
Patrick Nip points out that city’s legislation is not a ‘cut-and-paste’ version of mainland law.
Accident happened outside Kwun Tong Government Primary School in Hong Kong after 1pm. More than 20 taken to United Christian Hospital for treatment.
Two Mandarin-speaking female passengers accused of hitting HK driver who complained they were too slow to board the bus.
Clean Air Network says concentration limits are set conservatively, underestimating potential improvements, to make them easier to meet.
Incident is city’s third road fatality in three days.
Residents and Legco members from both sides of the political spectrum protested in person outside government headquarters on Wednesday.
It was also revealed that snacks are often mislabelled, and one contained 210 per cent more sugar than advertised.
Witnesses told police the boy ran to cross the road ahead of his younger brother and domestic helper.