Hong Kong

The three restaurant chains provide seven to 14 pieces of plastic per takeaway meal, adding up to about 100 million disposable items a year.
The 471-room hotel was meant to have opened in June but was delayed because of a number of reasons including its cash-strapped contractor.
According to the Hong Kong’s Immigration Department, almost 78,000 people crossed the border at the bridge’s Hong Kong Port on Sunday.
Property tycoon proposes to link land masses, creating 3,000 hectares for housing near Lantau and Lamma
Local pastry chef Yuki Chan Hoi-ying, 22, shares her secret to creating delicious vegan desserts.
As the morning session of the Inter-school Swimming Competition Finals (Division One) has concluded, 12 new records had been set.
Hong Kong teens are finding new ways to use motion-sensing technology. Some have made a video game that can help the elderly become less likely to fall over, and a mobile app that teaches users how to play the guitar.
This year’s participants discuss the challenges of turning ideas into policies as they take on the role of legislative councillors.
Education University of Hong Kong’s vice-president says they are taking a more holistic approach and looking beyond youngsters’ grades.
Anew set of postage stamps will be released on November 9 to celebrate Ying Wa College’s 200th anniversary, the Hongkong Post announced on Thursday.