Hong Kong

Many Hongkongers fear this new technology, already installed in Kwun Tong and the Kai Tak development zone, could be used for surveillance purposes.
Six people were hurt when fireworks were let off at hundreds of people who had gathered to protest against rioting charges.
Tropical depression is edging closer to the coast of Guangdong, and thunderstorms are expected.
The city has a long way to go to combat the issue and no legal protection for victims, unlike its neighbors Macau and mainland China.
Some cheered while others confronted demonstrators during the non-cooperative action.
The teen activist is aware that advocating separatism may get the student group banned and land him in jail, but he is ready for the consequences.
The incident occurred at around 8:30am near Tai Lam Tunnel.
Anti-government protesters stop trains from departing in order to cause interruptions in transport network.
Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office sidestep question about whether PLA would be deployed in the city.
If you get tear gassed, immediately leave the area and rinse the chemicals away with clean water
Police force considering spraying liquid dye at radical protesters to make identifying suspects easier.