Hong Kong

In a statement on Facebook, the group asks for the teaching platform to be replaced, as well as a reduced number of mandatory video calls.
Consumer Council says challenge is distribution of toilet rolls, as some districts have enough stocks while others stare at empty shelves.
Shelves for toilet paper, rice and bleach remain empty, but supermarkets like Wellcome and Parknshop insist they have a stable supply.
The 70-year-old man had underlying health conditions and had visited the mainland in January.
Workers' unions have expressed confusion over conditions for their return, including signing a form that they are returning to the city at their own risk.
The Observatory may take down the Cold Weather Warning that has been in effect since Saturday.
Nearly 200 stores closed in 14 malls, as retailers staged an unprecedented strike to ask for rental cut following protests and amid Covid-19 outbreak.
Three secondary school girls win the 2019 BASF Kids' Lab Experiment Challenge for creating a "leaf" out of algae that can absorb carbon dioxide.
Bypassing quarantine measures is a criminal offence punishable by a maximum fine of HK$25,000 and six months’ jail
Demonstrations took place at five locations across the city, as the government struggles to bring back people stranded abroad.
As people panic buy basic necessities, three men rob a Mong Kok grocery store of HKD$1,600 worth of bathroom tissue