Hong Kong

They will become the latest animal ambassadors for the marine-life theme park.
From the use of tear gas to rubber bullets and batons, policing experts from around the world say the force has consistently violated its own procedures.
A poll by Chinese University found that more people are unsatisfied with Carrie Lam, Matthew Cheung now compared to this time last year.
Anti-government protesters call for large demonstration via Telegram and Instagram.
The 16-year-old was hanging onto the building after police entered the premises looking for anti-government demonstrators.
Motions about restructuring the police force and breaking away from China were criticised as politicised and inappropriate
Jeffrey Andrews aims to break cultural stereotypes and educate locals about the diverse communities that exist within the city.
At least 25 people were hospitalised with protest-related injuries between Tuesday and Wednesday morning; Carrie Lam has condemned the "illegal acts" for dampening the festive mood.
Open to tourists and locals, the event replaces the traditional display, cancelled due to demonstration fears
A government spokesman said that disciplinary actions had nothing to do with political views.
Some also sell protest-related gear or artwork to collect money to provide financial aid to arrested protesters.