Hong Kong

The candidate and tutor we spoke to both thought the paper was quite straightforward as predicted, although not all the questions were easy.
This Young Post podcast brings you important everyday issues, told through the voices of young people.
Survey shows HKDSE students worried about future, personal goals and family expectations.
So far, more than 380 people have clicked “going” on the Facebook event, with more than 1,400 clicking “interested”.
“Hong Kong has no dedicated climate authority, unlike Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo."
Hong Kong students plan class boycott to protest against global warming, but authorities and educators say skipping lessons should not be encouraged.
Even though Beijing and New Delhi have each cancelled more than 50 per cent of planned coal-fired power plants, global coal investment continues to soar.
Student at prestigious international school accused of assaulting girl on two occasions last year.
Hong Kong's emission reduction target was 3,300kg to 3,800kg per capita, exceeding the 2,000kg recommendation of global climate leadership group.
They weigh down our wallets and are impossible to spend, but an economics experts says we still need these coins.
St Paul's Secondary School also opened up the campus for photo-taking opportunities for one afternoon last week.