Hong Kong

They will become the latest animal ambassadors for the marine-life theme park.
The government official said that school heads could be disqualified if deemed unsuitable while handling 'protest-related complaints' against teachers.
The Civil Human Rights Front initially obtained a letter of no objection by the police on Sunday for the rally, but the police terminated the event early.
He faced one count of assaulting an officer and one count of resisting another officer, as well as robbery.
Rallies are planned for shopping malls around the city and there are calls to form human chains near MTR stations.
The city’s financial secretary announced that financial relief measures would be enacted to support small businesses.
The weather is expected to be cloudy for the first week of 2020.
The march will start at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay and end in Chater Garden in Central.
While Sunday's events were peaceful, Saturday's protests against parallel traders from mainland China ended in pepper spray and 15 arrests.
Ronson Chan, of Stand News, says his privacy was violated and he risked having his information stolen; the force offered no apology.