Hong Kong

Mobile applications will streamline donation process and allow for more efficient distribution of goods.
Members of a Facebook community page, Police Relatives Connection. braved wind and rain today to rally at Edinburgh Place in Central at 2pm. They are calling for an independent commission of inquiry to look into alleged mismanagement and malpractices by the force
The force responded today in their press conference, saying they were "highly concerned about the alleged case of misconduct"
Railway operator says it will shut stations and stop service without notice in case of violence.
Calls for students to skip the first two weeks of classes are meant to force the government to respond to the five demands.
The gathering, held at Edinburgh Place in Central, included speeches by guest speakers and counselling sessions by social workers.
The ‘Mulan’ actress came under fire after showing support for the Hong Kong Police Force last week on Chinese social media platform Weibo.
Hongkongers have been urged to join hands with strangers and passers-by in a peaceful demonstration of the need for unity.
School-based concern groups are using social media platforms to encourage peers to attend this anti-Elab demonstration.
Hong Kong protesters are calling for a peaceful show of solidarity inspired by the Baltic Way political demonstration which happened on August 23, 1989.
With the ongoing anti-government sentiment in the city, there are fears that children of police officers and mainland migrants could be targeted.