Hong Kong

With most HK universities, including HKUST and CUHK, relaxing minimum requirements here what the director of the Student Guidance Centre at Hok Yau Club advises.
Universities shouldn’t select new students based solely on their exam results, experts told a symposium at HKU.
The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority announced the documents, which contain the same information as the notices released to candidates in July, are now available.
People applying for an HKID next month will receive a new-look card; all residents should get a new card within next four years.
What scary attractions do Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong have in store for us this year?
On-site surveys and 24-hour video recordings were conducted for eight days to gather these findings on water pollution.
The common Chinglish term that students have long been told not to use in essays is now officially acceptable!
Rail operator says the signalling fault that caused delays on four major MTR lines did not involve human error.
A government health agency has warned schools and parents to be on the lookout for symptoms of the disease, which usually affects much younger children, after the outbreak at Hong Kong Sea School.
Eric Cheung, a law lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, said Lau Siu-lai's case had been badly handled by returning officer Franco Kwok Wai-fun.
This morning, the system signalling error added an extra 40 minutes to commuters' journey during rush hour.