Hong Kong

The gathering is organised by the Civil Human Rights Front.
Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah has been accused having political motives for charging demonstrators with rioting, rather than unlawful assembly.
Nearly 386,000 new voters have registered in biggest gain since at least 2003.
Individuals and volunteer groups have collected coupons for supermarkets, prepaid Octopus cards and masks for those on the front line.
Although Wipha is moving away from the area, heavy rains are still expected throughout the weekend.
Hong Kong garrison releases video of anti-riot drills featuring tanks, snipers and red warning flags.
The defendants were given curfews running from midnight to 6am and must report to their local police station once a week
The government advised those with long journeys to make their way home early and to stay indoors.
Cathay Pacific pilot and a 16-year-old among 44 protesters charged for rioting following Sunday night’s city centre clashes.
Six people were hurt when fireworks were let off at hundreds of people who had gathered to protest against rioting charges.