Hong Kong

Pro-democracy group urged the public not to retaliate with acts of violence and asked the police to grant a letter of no objection for their mass rally.
Teens from more than 20 schools in Kowloon gathered at the shopping mall to discuss Carrie Lam's first dialogue and their feelings about the ongoing demonstrations.
The peaceful teen protesters came from schools in the area, and were unhappy about the chief executive's lack of new ideas to break the impasse.
People cited their distrust of the police, worries about the escalating violence and voiced their concerns over what would happen to the city in 2047
Citizens asked her to face demonstrators directly, show sympathy towards people beaten and tear-gassed, and hold top officials accountable.
We asked two teen protesters why they continue to attend demonstrations, and how they feel about the current social situation.
PLK Celine Ho Yam Tong College issued a solemn statement addressing the issue.
The legislation would require annual checks to see if the city was sufficiently autonomous from Beijing.
The Equal Opportunities Commission says specialised materials and teacher training are required to meet the needs of non-Chinese-speaking students.
The struggling fast fashion retailer was already facing competition from online outlets, and the social unrest sped up its closure.
The Education Bureau announced the plan, saying some are concerned certain books are misleading students and spreading bias.