Hong Kong

Educators in Richmond are concerned by report of a fight between students and emergence of a letter about Hong Kong’s ‘evil’ protests.
Dozens slip through police lines during the night by using ropes to descend from a footbridge to a highway and ride away on motorcycles
Thirty-five per cent of children on welfare in Hong Kong have to skip meals to pay for other essentials, according to a new survey.
Lawyers against the ban argued that it gave Chief Executive Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor unrestricted powers to make laws.
A cold front sweeping through central and southern China means temperatures will drop to 17 degrees.
Only students and staff with valid identification will be allowed to enter the premises.
Protesters also pledged to block public transport services in an attempt to divert police manpower.
A huge fire broke out on strategic footbridge while an armoured vehicle was hit by petrol bombs.
A government press release cites 'uncertain factors' as the main reason.
A 70-year-old man dies after being hit with a brick, and man set on fire still in critical condition as no end in sight to anti-government unrest.
Road announcement made as ‘friendly gesture’ by activists who say argument is with government, not local residents