Hong Kong

The poem made fun of an officer’s coronavirus infection; the teacher claimed he didn’t know the true meaning and deleted it from Facebook.
Many are worried about upcoming HKDSE, IB and other public exams, and some believe the prolonged class suspension is unnecessary.
Medical staff have vowed to strike unless the city closes its borders with mainland China, blaming their decision on Carrie Lam's refusal to hold talks.
Baptist University, Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong also announced similar measures.
People began lining up outside of Watsons branches as early as 2am
From frustration to concerns about upcoming exams, here's what secondary school students have to say.
With schools cancelled and many people working from home because of coronavirus fears, some drivers are losing business and may have to find new jobs.
90 nurses from three hospitals take sick leave ahead of a planned strike against official response to the coronavirus.
Video footage showed three people lighting the bombs while hiding behind flower beds outside Kwai Fong Plaza
The EDB told Young Post that they will address any changes to the public exams, due to begin in less than two months' time, 'as soon as possible'.
Meanwhile, experts at HKU begin work on a vaccine, businesses have employees work from home, and public facilities close.