Hong Kong

It's not just all about stocking your bookshelf, you know
HKEAA says grades will not be affected by how other candidates perform, nor how many other people sit a particular subject.
The first typhoon warning of 2018 was given out by the Hong Kong Observatory yesterday – twice, because of a ‘typographical error’.
Many students say they wouldn’t attend yesterday’s event to remember the Tiananmen Square protests.
Hong Kong Observatory says that showers and thunderstorms will affect Hong Kong until Friday this week.
Mainland Chinese woman Tang Lin-ling, who was accused of taking photos during a politically charged trial in Hong Kong, has been found guilty of criminal contempt of court.
Cold showers are the only respite for residents of illegal structures and subdivided flats.
Workers’ groups urge government to set up training school and enhance image of profession to recruit young people to the field.
The Very Hot Weather Warning has been in effect since May 18, the longest continuous time it has been up since it was introduced in 2000.
The ride reopened on Sunday, after operations were suspended the day before due to a mechanical fault.
Yeung Man-wa was last seen on Tai On Street wearing a black coat and a pink shorts.