Hong Kong

Accident happened outside Kwun Tong Government Primary School in Hong Kong after 1pm. More than 20 taken to United Christian Hospital for treatment.
Confucius Hall Secondary School, Caritas Charles Vath College, St Paul’s Co-educational College and Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College only have enough cash to pay their expenses for less than two months.
The five boys, aged between 14 and 16, were arrested on Christmas Eve, along with the woman.
The coldest ever December 31 in Hong Kong on record was in 1984.
Results from new study also state that only half of respondents think climate change is currently having an impact on Hong Kongers.
Both Shine Skills Centre and new civil servants' training school will be housed at same site, government says.
More than 2,000 students in Hong Kong joined the city’s first mass coming-of-age Confucianist ceremony at Queen Elizabeth Stadium yesterday.
The charity is struggling to pay for food, shelter, supplies and vet costs for its animals.
Study by city’s Academy for Gifted Education says pressure can have negative impact on even the smartest students.
The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-macau Bridge has had a particularly serious impact on the population and habitat of Chinese White Dolphins.
Study also find current university graduates take home less pay than graduates did 30 years ago.