Hong Kong

The poem made fun of an officer’s coronavirus infection; the teacher claimed he didn’t know the true meaning and deleted it from Facebook.
A spokesman for Wellcome said that online claims of noodles and tissue shortages are false.
For many Hongkongers, the new coronavirus outbreak is bringing back painful memories of the Sars epidemic; take a look at the timeline of events.
World Dream had previously sailed from China to Vietnam in January with three passengers who were later diagnosed with disease
Fears of spreading the virus at large gatherings cause stars to postpone or cancel their tours.
The education sector is preparing for class closures to last beyond March, as teachers make up for lost time with online lessons.
Local non-governmental organisations have also started handing out surgical masks to those living in subdivided flats and temporary shelters.
On the day the city confirms its first virus death, the Chief Executive urges others to consider reducing mask use amid global supply shortages
A top microbiologist agreed with the demand, saying it was the only effective way to stop the spread of the virus.
US Senator Rick Scott invited Law as a signal that Congress’s interest in the protests has not faded