Hong Kong

It's not just all about stocking your bookshelf, you know
Students and teachers agree the subject can help boost critical thinking and analytical skills.
What does it take to be regarded as one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding students?
The march is organised by pro-democracy groups every year and draws tens of thousands of people, and organisers are struggling to find a venue.
The city’s leader Carrie Lam tasks independent team to find out what happened with the Sha-Tin-Central rail link’s corner-cutting scandal.
Only a small number of people who are involved in the preparation of the test papers are meant to have access to the question.
“Before the court of law, there are only the law-abiding ones and the lawbreakers,” said Madam Justice Anthea Pang Po-kam.
Videos and images of a waterspout spotted in Hong Kong seas circulated online amid tropical storm Ewiniar.
Questions remain over whether the school profiles provide adequate and useful information for ethnic minority parents and students.
Stay dry and safe while tropical storm Ewiniar is still with us, everyone!
The storm system will continue to bring heavy showers to the city.