Hong Kong

Hong Kong has just recorded its 20th case of measles this year, an unusually high number for the infectious airborne disease.
Several hurdles prevent young Hongkongers from pursuing business and work in the Greater Bay Area.
Hong Kong's Legislative Council is made up of a dizzying array of different groups and opinions.
The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority first released the app in 2012. The new version features a more user-friendly interface.
The presence of these animals in the city is a result of rapid development, leading various species of wildlife to wander into human territory.
Plastic accounts for roughly 20 per cent of the city’s daily municipal waste generation.
Officials say being fed by visitors led Billy to associate plastic bags with food.
Animal rights activists said the incidents reflected the plight of the island’s wild cattle who were suffering from habitat degradation and becoming increasingly accustomed to human feeding.
This prompted a concern group to call for more public awareness of diminishing grasslands and the dangers of humans feeding wild animals.
Hong Kong University says it wants to share its expertise, but critics are worried the new faculty will stretch resources.
Renaissance College started producing electricity using their own solar panels last Friday. A total of 32 large solar panels have been fitted to the roof of the school.