Hong Kong

A letter of no objection has been issued for the event, which will be held two days before the United Nations' annual Human Rights Day.
Nicola Chan and Andy Lui are aspiring K-pop stars.
K-pop is all the rage these days. Talent agencies are tapping into the K-pop phenomenon and holding Asia-wide contests to find the next big star.
Leap Year_L
If today is your birthday you'll be celebrating the date only once in four years. Because February 29 is a "leap day", which falls during a leap year.
Angela Lee (right) and a participant have a good laugh.
Every morning on her way to work Angela Lee On-ki fires off a WhatsApp message to friends and students.
Watoto's children's church choir perform at Pui Ching Middle School.
The sweet sound of gospel music, and the beat of rich African rhythms, filled the air around Pui Ching Middle School, in Ho Man Tin, last Tuesday.
Artemis Fowl_L
People say everything happens for a reason - it's certainly the case for Eoin Colfer, an Irish author known around the world for his award-winning series ...
Tadashi Matsuzawa during a traditional tea ceremony he hosted for YP reporters.
In a city where people are always in a rush, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony doesn't seem to have a great chance to flourish.
Hong Kong-based children's author Sarah Brennan.
Sarah Brennan's The Tale of Chester Choi tells the story of a lonely dragon. In 2007, when she wrote the story, little did the Australian author know ...
Eco School Network_L
A group of international schools has formed an alliance to urge Hong Kong's government to take serious steps to make the city a greener place. More than 10 ...
Childhood cancer survivors Aaron Ching Long (left) and Sam Ho King-sum made their way through a tough, four-day sports camp.
When Aaron Ching Long was seven, a daunting battle with cancer changed the fit, jolly youngster into a miserable, skeletal boy.
The city's first indoor skatepark in Kwun Tong, which is run by Siswojo and his crew, will open on Saturday.
From the outside, Vans Sk85ive2 looks nothing special. It seems just like any other store tucked inside one of Kwun Tong's many industrial buildings. Yet hidden ...