Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s 2018 IELTS Academic Test candidates hit their highest average score in English reading, listening and oral since 2013, but their performance in the writing task has dropped to a new low since 2014, an independent education organisation offering overseas student placement IDP Education
As a child, Lu Chen read every book about magic he could find.
For days, a young Lu Chen could not sleep. The incident kept playing in his mind over and over again. How did she do it? How did the coin disappear into ...
Snow sculptor Alan Tam is happy to get out of the kitchen, pack his tools and head for chilly climates if he has a chance to do what he loves, like creating a snow dragon (bottom).
Hong Kong may be a place where it never snows, but surprisingly it is home to the world's most successful snow sculpture team. Led by Alan Tam Wai-lun, a ...
(From left) Actors Michele Chung, Anthony Wong Wai-keung and Janet Tam during a rehearsal for WWII.
A woman wearing a military uniform shouts: "Don't treat them so nice. They are just captives!"
Chan Keung and Lin Ri Xi, the founders of Blackpaper, envision a new style of travel.
If you think the best way to travel is on guided tours, think again. More and more Hong Kong people prefer to set off on their own.
Kei Takahashi (front left) with other staff at Youth for 3.11.
The devastating earthquake in March last year destroyed thousands of houses and families but not the spirit of Japanese youth. Since the disaster, thousands ...
Junior reporters and students share a fun dinner with illustrator Peter Brown (front left) in Hong Kong.
The folks at Young Readers' Festival understand the need to ask questions. They know that teaching students how to write and illustrate is important. But ...
Donate School Supplies_L
Kids4Kids needs your help. The local charity wants to donate school supplies to underprivileged children in its Sharing For a Cause campaign.
Bill Helin conducts a ceremony to call on the spirit of the two Tsimshian totem poles erected at Canadian International School of Hong Kong to protect and watch over the school.
Until last week, a totem pole in Hong Kong would have been a rare sight. But now, our city is home to at least two of these traditional structures.
Designer Fion Ko stands next to her fantasy friend, la petite mu mu.
Some years ago, local artist Fion Ko Hiu-har hit a rough patch. She knew life has its ups and downs, but this time everything felt grey.
Steve Vickers, a former chief of police's Criminal Intelligence Bureau, continues to fight crime.
There is one unsolved case that still bothers Steve Vickers. In 1983, property tycoon Teddy Wang Teh-huei was kidnapped, but he managed to walk away unharmed ...