Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s 2018 IELTS Academic Test candidates hit their highest average score in English reading, listening and oral since 2013, but their performance in the writing task has dropped to a new low since 2014, an independent education organisation offering overseas student placement IDP Education
A view from one of eight aged blocks of Pak Tin Estate in Shek Kip Mei.
Chan Hau-chu is 79 and lives in a flat in block 11 of Pak Tin Estate, in Shek Kip Mei. "I have been living here since I gave birth to my first son," she says.
Father's Day Messages 2012_L
It was a tough decision, but here are the best messages we received from readers to their fathers.
Eric Chan (top) with his father Ricky Chan.
Veteran Hong Kong educator Ricky Chan Wai-leung is not worried his son, Eric Chan Lap-yan, 19, is not a straight-A student.
When we face a difficult problem, someone will often tell us to "sleep on it and you'll find a solution tomorrow".
Cultural Boomerangs_L
Young Post has a fine squad of multicultural reporters. Mabel and Barry grew up in Canada. Leon grew up in New York. Hei and Joyee spent a few years of ...
Sultan Kosen is the world's tallest man according to Guinness World Records. He said he loves Hong Kong's towering buildings.
Sultan Kosen always stands out in a crowd. But that's no surprise: he is the tallest man in the world.
Muhosha give one of their 'Playback' shows featuring storylines based on the lives of the audience.
To script, or not to script? That is the question many in the drama world contemplate. Traditional theatre prefers the use of scripts, which offer something ...
Catriona Newcombe with dance students (from left) Bethan Cotton, 11; Mica Jones, nine; Farhana Greene, nine; Teya Jones, seven.
Irish dance is not just for the Irish. Everyone's welcome and more than ever before in Hong Kong, the dance form is less about being Irish and more about ...
Hong Kong is home to 10 different species of skink, including the blue-tailed skink (top) and long-tailed skink (bottom).
If you a walking in the countryside and see a reptile with smooth, shiny scales like a snake, but also with four legs like lizard - don't fret. It is no monster hybrid ...
Jack Sze (above, third from left) and Cameron Tucker (left) gained valuable experience through summer jobs.
Summer jobs can be great. Not only can they offer us a chance to learn some useful skills but they also help us get valuable life experiences. Just ask junior reporters ...