Hong Kong

Ventus Lau Wing-hong is a spokesman for Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team, which organised the rally.
Back row, from left, C. M. Leung, Harry Yip, Leroy Anthony Kong and Lit Chun, along with Edwardo Chan (front), are the core members of Fish for Speed.
For some, the 70s-style penny skateboard is just a trendy accessory. But for five local teenagers, these retro-wheels offer an exciting - but challenging ...
Boys accessories_L
On Monday YP deputy editor Karly showed you guys how to pick out a great pair of jeans. But there's more to it if you really want to look good.
Read her mind_L
There is a Chinese saying that 'understanding the heart and mind of a girl is like finding a needle in the sea'. While this may be true to some extent ...
Henry Wong and Joanna Hotung wear the colours of the anti-diabetes campaign.
Every month, seven children in Hong Kong are diagnosed with diabetes. Three of those will be Type I and the rest will be Type II.
Mighty Rovers_L
Stifling heat, raging sandstorms, lack of shade - these make deserts inhospitable places. And some of our agricultural practices are making things worse.
Good pair of jeans_L
It's a rare male teenager who enjoys shopping for clothes - or if he does, will admit to it. But there are things you need in your wardrobe, and there comes ...
Redfoo LMFAO_L
On Tuesday night, one half of the popular electro-hip hop duo LMFAO will be coming to Hong Kong with his Party Rock Crew for a show like no other. But what exactly is party rock?
On the red van of mystery_L
In February, an internet user called Mr Pizza released the first chapter of his sci-fi series on Hong Kong's most-popular online hangout, Golden Forum.
Ten men skills_L
Welcome to Brovember, my fellow males. As a man, you face lots of expectations. You're supposed to be strong, hardy and smart. Boy, you might as ...
Scenes from Nutcracker on Ice, which is set to turn HKAPA into a skating rink.
Putting on any stage performance is hard enough without making the players strut their stuff on a sheet of ice. But that's precisely what producer and artistic ...