Hong Kong

Demonstration is the first to get letter of no objection since mid-August.
Choi Si-won, of boy band Super Junior, caused outrage among Chinese netizens and was forced to apologise.
State news agency 'Xinhua' refuses even to note pro-establishment side’s heavy losses and reports only that the elections have taken place
The university admissions system's announcement gives students more time to complete their applications.
Hongkongers turned out in record numbers to vote, expelling the previous majority of pro-Beijing seat-holders.
Suspension of previous ruling comes after Beijing’s harsh remarks against the decision to label the anti-mask law as unconstitutional under Basic Law.
The student admitted to vandalising a police station and MTR exit; his lawyer has asked the judge for leniency.
Almost all officers in the 31,000-strong force have to report for duty on Sunday in an unusual move for the city.
About seven more have exit the grounds seeking medical help as the five-day stand-off continues.
In a Facebook post, Simon Cheng says he was pressed for information about the Hong Kong protests.