Hong Kong

Clean Air Network says concentration limits are set conservatively, underestimating potential improvements, to make them easier to meet.
More rain, less frequency of northerly winds and higher wind speeds are favourable to dispersion of pollutants.
Applications for admission cards begin today, priority will be given to candidates of major public exams or professional exams.
Top three reasons given for emigration were too much political dispute, overcrowded living conditions and dissatisfaction with political institutions.
Tuen Mun girl was subjected to first assault at age eight. She finally broke her silence in an anonymous note to her teacher.
Minibus could not brake in time and rammed into two other vehicles in front, police say.
The Hong Kong restaurant chain only offers plastic straws to their customers upon request by a customer.
Temperatures are expected to rise over the next few days as students return after Christmas.
Chief executive holds post by default, but student and staff unions want that changed.
Secretary for Justice Cheng draws protesters anger at Hong Kong’s New Year’s Day march.