Hong Kong

Warm, sunny weather is on the way next week, according to Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), which also predicts that this year may be one of the hottest on record in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong's emission reduction target was 3,300kg to 3,800kg per capita, exceeding the 2,000kg recommendation of global climate leadership group.
They weigh down our wallets and are impossible to spend, but an economics experts says we still need these coins.
St Paul's Secondary School also opened up the campus for photo-taking opportunities for one afternoon last week.
Ethnic minority student calls for simpler Chinese curriculum as group struggles with weak language skills.
Students welcome plans to expand science and history museums, calling for more fun activities that involve human interaction.
Meet the inspiring individuals who have impacted our city and paved the way for other females today.
West Island School, South Island School and Sha Tin College recognised that students may attend in a call for action on climate change, but could not grant permission for them to be absent.
The young women, who have given themselves the names Reem and Rawan, have been granted the right to remain until early April.
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Contrary to what the school said, the students said the teachers did not seem to show any concern for their safety.