Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s summer has been defined by upheaval. Gigi, who is 16, has constantly been at anti-government demonstrations in the city. She puts on a helmet, goggles and gas maks and wedges in with the crowds taunting the police. She has spent much of her school break at front lines, in street battles, dodging tear gas, arrest and sporadic rounds of rubber bullets.
Hundreds of educators gathered to speak out against violence in a protest organised by the HK Professional Teachers' Union, while later, others gathered in support of the police force.
#BoycottMulan trends on social media after actress shares a post by Communist Party newspaper
The group estimates that more than 2.9 million pieces of this seasonal dessert will end up in the landfill.
Some educators fear cutting parts of the Chinese exam will lead to a decline in use of Cantonese, while others say it will help reduce students’ heavy workload.
The Front had applied for permission for 300,000 people to participate, and are "extremely unhappy" with the decision.
Hong Kong’s Consumer Council warns that slime-based toys can cause nausea and skin allergies.
The Hong Kong Observatory predicts showers and hot weather over the next few days.
The school has installed a new solar power system which will help to cut its electricity bill by 70-80 per cent.
Residents say they have been asked to unlock their mobile phones when trying to cross the border, and officers have checked their messages
The Central government's language and actions have become more severe, as mainland police conduct drills near the border and China accuses Western countries of interfering in the city's affairs.