Hong Kong

Survey shows 68 per cent of young adults have doubts about central government.
Bus company urges the public to be alert after two passengers are injured by metal pins.
Hong Kong Police confirms that officers arrested a woman on suspicion of being involved in the shooting. This is a developing story.
Team member Cherry Chung Oi-yu says existing social issues in Hong Kong were their main source of inspiration when designing their model.
A woman, the suspect in this tragic event, was arrested, and a handgun was siezed in connection with the crime.
The top three winners of this year’s Wharf Secondary School Art Competition talk about the inspiration behind their paintings.
The single propeller plane was being used to practise aerobatics when the accident happened.
Task force launches two-month public consultation on the issue, urging government to increase regulations for post-secondary education.
One man’s thumb tip was bitten off – but later reattached – during a brawl that started when two passengers bumped into each other.
The KGV student will be training to be a classical opera singer, but his real dream is to become a conductor.
The See You Again singer has added the city to the Asian leg of his tour, and we can't wait to hear what he can do live.