Hong Kong

The almost full moon will also make viewing the annual celestial event difficult.
To mark the annual event, we spoke to teens about our ailing planet, and what can be done to improve the situation.
Do rabbits really eat carrots? How often should you clean their cages? An expert from Hong Kong Rabbit Society gives us the basics.
A study shows Hong Kong teens think the Independent Enquiry Study should take less time, as it is worth only 20 per cent of the final grade.
The British singer had already posted an apology video on his Instagram stories, but this post is more reassuring.
Local Sheerios take to social media to share their anger and disappointment about having to wait hours in the rain for nothing.
Fans left the venue mad and disappointed about the organiser's arrangement to keep them waiting under heavy rain until finally calling off the show.
The British musician put on a spectacular show but unclear exit routes meant fans had a tough time leaving the venue.
This Young Post podcast brings you important everyday issues, told through the voices of young people.
The school where the alleged incident took place was in the headlines earlier this year after eight students were said to have assaulted a classmate.
The worry is, making one or two mistakes might cost students a good grade, according to tutors from Beacon College and King's Glory Education.