Hong Kong

Veterinarians recommended euthanasia to prevent unnecessary suffering for ailing marsupial.
The current Chief Executive was asked how she plans to connect with young people by 260 students in Aberdeen.
His group will report on Hong Kong’s progress on human rights, democracy and freedoms, and advocate on behalf of the city in London and other European capitals.
Students across the city are reported to have mixed feelings over the new compulsory Chinese history curriculum.
October 31 will be the last day you can check out the creepy Maze of Madness through a mad scientist’s lab, or mix with baddies like Cruella de Vil!
Media-only event showed technical improvements via demo racing pods set up with 65 inch 4K TVs and Thrustmaster-GT mock steering wheels
Announcement by chief executive Carrie Lam revived fears of a push for controversial national education curriculum.
Electricity company China Light & Power founded by the Kadoorie family in 1901 played a vital role in the development of the city we call home.
Students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and Germany, are taking part in a four-day hackathon co-organised by Goethe-Institut and the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland.
Thousands of netizens have supported a petition to save a shop cat from being sent into quarantine after a woman accused it of scratching her son.