Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Nationalist Party has 21 days to submit a written explanation explaining why they should not agree to the police recommendation.
A controversial attempt to ban a pro-independence political party by the HK government is raising concerns.
Recent increase in temperature and underground construction has been driving rodents out from their nests
It's not just all about stocking your bookshelf, you know
The American School student says he wants to create meaningful stories from a kid’s point of view.
The Observatory says that the chance of issuing signal No 8 remains low.
We have VIP passes to give away, so you can skip the queue!
Mai Jeh on how she got into the business, how it's affected her, and where it's going next.
The school shirt was found by the Consumer Council to contain more than eight times the safety threshold of the harmful chemical.
Hongkongers will have to prepare for plenty more rain later this week as the Observatory expects the city to be hit by showers for at least nine days in a row.
Members of a concern group have staged a rally outside the Legislative Council, calling for the government to increase the number of publicly funded university places.