Hong Kong

They stressed that all campuses must remain open and that students should only travel under safe conditions.
Anti-government demonstrations took place at various locations around the city and transportation was disrupted for the second day in a row.
Office workers in Central occupied streets at lunchtime as 10 colleges in the city remained closed.
Tear gas, petrol bombs, barricades and pepper spray are used across multiple districts as demonstrators create traffic mayhem in a bid to spark a general strike
The 21-year-old underwent an operation to remove his right kidney and part of his liver after being hit with a live round on Monday morning.
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women states alleged victim had not made her allegations public.
Classmates called for a boycott in support of the Form 2 student, calling his arrest unacceptable.
The students called for an independent police inquiry and blamed Carrie Lam's late withdrawal of the extradition bill for the escalating violence.
The anti-mask law bans face masks and facial coverings, which have been used by demonstrators to hide their identities in city-wide protests.
The students paid tribute to Alex Chow and chanted slogans like 'Hongkongers, revenge!'.
A citywide disruption causes major traffic delays.