Hong Kong

Mai Jeh on how she got into the business, how it's affected her, and where it's going next.
The school shirt was found by the Consumer Council to contain more than eight times the safety threshold of the harmful chemical.
Hongkongers will have to prepare for plenty more rain later this week as the Observatory expects the city to be hit by showers for at least nine days in a row.
Members of a concern group have staged a rally outside the Legislative Council, calling for the government to increase the number of publicly funded university places.
Manufacturers may be charged HK$1 for every one litre bottle they produce for consumption in the city.
The tiny plastic beads are thought to come from cosmetic products washed down the city’s drains
Cho Mei-yi and Cho Wai-long say they would like more support for students with special needs.
Many are concerned about issues such as housing, student mental health, and youth development in the city .
This year's HKDSE top scorers share their tips for success and spill the beans on their goals for the future.
Young Post is bringing you the HKDSE results from this year’s public exam.
Of the nine, one achieved super top scorer status with eight perfect scores.