Hong Kong

A forum user posted the idea of sharing made-up stories to negatively impact mainlanders' support for the Chinese government.
They will become the latest animal ambassadors for the marine-life theme park.
Two patients - one a mainland Chinese man from the epicentre of the outbreak, and a Hongkonger who had recently visited - are under quarantine
Expect to see low temperatures of 13 degrees Celsius next week.
The mainland tourist by arrived high-speed train on Tuesday night and was found to have a fever.
The 'Eung Eung' singers will be in the 852 to meet their 'Panda' as part of their 'Welcome to Pink World' tour.
Formal head of the IPCC said it was unfair to burden the watchdog with the role, and supported the call for an independent commission of inquiry.
Hundreds of people gathered to commemorate the event and express their continued disappointment in police's handling of the incident.
As the city at the epicentre of the virus is quarantined, the world increases its health checks on incoming Chinese travellers.
Commissioner calls for tougher laws and more powers for watchdog to tackle 'weaponising' of personal data.