Hong Kong

Secondary school principals call for a final grade based on projects, mock tests and internal assessment, but concerns surface over fairness
Officers are only allowed to look for relevant information if the person is suspected of committing a crime or putting others in danger.
Lawyers accuse officers of abusing the public health crisis by having the metal strips removed from detained demonstrators’ surgical masks.
We suspended operations after a member of the team tested positive for Covid-19.
While DSE candidates won't sit the exam until April 24, some are already planning to resit them, citing anxiety over school suspensions.
Police believe some teens had joined gangs after the risk of spreading Cov-19 led to class suspensions.
As you might already know, one Young Post team member tested positive yesterday for Covid-19.
SCMP takes precautions after after freelancer tests an initial positive for Covid-19.
Around 900,000 students have been out of school since February 3; classes may resume in stages
The HKEAA announced that certain tests, such as ABRSM music practicals, and dance exams, would also be cancelled for the time being.
The restrictions do not apply to mainland China, Macau or Taiwan.