The app has proved popular with hundreds of millions of users. Here’s why so many people love it, and the benefits it can bring.
I had a fairly typical upbringing. Both my parents worked full-time, and I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to spend time with them.
In her video, a teenager expresses her thoughts about her late father, who always supported her in her activities.
I grew up in a single parent household. Before my parents divorced, I was loved and cared for by my father and mother. I had a very happy and fulfilling life. However, things started to change after my parents split up.
Her mother wanted her to take piano and ballet lessons and become a nurse instead of taking up a ‘dangerous’ sport.
The new exhibition explores what ancient civilisations’ love of luxury can tell us about our own lifestyles.
Five local secondary school students designed, crowd-funded and hand-stitched their dream product into existence.
This Form 2 student took his experiences of being bullied in school and made a video that he hopes will help stop bullies from picking on people.
Which site has the best items, the most accurate searches, and the cheapest prices?
Antibiotics are meant to help our bodies fight against harmful bacteria and keep it from growing inside us, but did you know taking too many over time can actually strengthen the bacteria?
It may not seem like it, but you live in a biologists’ gold mine. More than 5,000 species have been recorded in Hong Kong and, while many animals prefer to live away from people, plenty of others can be found practically on your doorstep.