The co-founder of non-profit organisation We Need Diverse Books cites his mother and young people as inspiration for his writing.
Finding ways to deal with a stress is just like any other skill – you just need the right tools, and a bit of practice.
The 22-year-old wants to see wider social change, and support for her fellow survivors.
Yue Man Square in Kwun Tong has been a hub for unique businesses and artisans for half a century. But as the district's redevelopment projects extrapolate, shops in the famous square are being forced to shut down to make way for malls and hotels. Here's a look at some of the last days of Yue Man...
Artisans who've been working for half a century in this iconic Kowloon district on this end of an era, and what it means for them.
Concrete is beautiful and versatile but, unfortunately, it ticks all the boxes in terms of environmental degradation, says Anthony Thistleton
The developing world is making great strides towards prosperity, but at what cost?
For developing nations, heavyweight construction projects are beneficial like a boxer putting on muscle. But for already mature economies, it is harmful like an aged athlete pumping ever stronger steroids to ever less effect.
The Pantheon and Colosseum in Rome show how strong concrete is. It is made from sand, small stones, water and clinker, a lime-based binder that has to be baked in very hot ovens.
Look around you. Notice how much concrete you see. Now read on . . .