Home-grown aircraft AG600 could also be used to transport troops and supplies in disputed waterway, say military observers.
A factory in Huizhou, Guangdong that makes the display screens for the Apple iPhone has been found to make its employees work in horrible conditions.
Or at least, it definitely feels like it – a cold front dragging cooler weather to Hong Kong will send temperatures plummeting and set our teeth chattering just a little bit.
President Xi Jinping “fully acknowledged” the Hong Kong government’s handling of the oath-taking saga, signalling that there was no room for the city’s independence from China.
From just two, now up to 15 Hong Kong lawmakers could be at risk of losing their seats after two Beijing spokesmen catalogued eight types of “insincere oath-taking”.
More than 3,500 local students applied to mainland universities last year, accounting for about six per cent of 62,200 HK Diploma of Secondary Education exam candidates.
When we think of Inner Mongolia, we often picture lush grasslands that go on forever – and let’s not forget the iconic gers and horses. But in fact, there are also bustling modern cities.
A party drink that has been blamed for killing many people is now being sold on the mainland.
Shanghai Disneyland has a reputation for queues, so Young Post went to see which rides are worth waiting for
The fight’s not over yet though; the cuddly creature is still classified as ‘vulnerable’.
Henry Puyi, China’s last emperor, ascended to the Qing dynasty throne at age three, only to be stripped of his title three years later.