Carrie Lam says Hong Kong and Shenzhen authorities had different understanding of where the border lay.
The female cub marks success in an experiment to expand the captive stock’s gene pool by letting them mate in the wild, Chinese state media reports.
Naming the street in front of the Chinese Embassy “Liu Xiaobo Plaza” would honour Liu and challenge China over its treatment of dissidents.
The Hong Kong government today unveiled the details of “co-location arrangements” at the local terminus of the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou.
What do you do when the flood waters are rising and help is far away? Some clever mainland policemen have found the answer in a toy store.
From Hong Kong to Australia, Liu Xiaobo’s supporters around the world gathered on Wednesday to mark the Chinese observance of the seventh day after the Nobel laureate’s death.
Most Chinese have only vaguely heard of Liu; those who know about him, in my experience, speak of him with distaste.
The legal bureau in the northeastern city of Shenyang, where he had been hospitalised, confirmed his death in a statement.
Diocesan Girls’ School’s HKDSE super top scorer, Maggie Lam Li-man, has spoken out in support of dying Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, saying that he should be treated as a patient regardless of his political views.
There was no sign of Liu Xiaobo in the Beijing coffee shop, and he wasn’t answering his mobile phone and a call to his home brought worrying news: 10 police had arrived late the night before and taken him away.