Zhang Zhanliang, 45, was inspired by the kindness of his childhood teachers, and is now paying it forward.
One of China’s “feminist five” gender equality activists arrested two years ago has been denied a permit to study in Hong Kong, and told she is banned from leaving the mainland for a decade.
Young Post joined a group of teens as they spend six days trekking sand dunes, navigating their way through caves and studying ancient art in Dunhuang.
A 18-year-old from eastern China is reported to have died from multiple injuries after he was sent to an internet addiction treatment camp.
Army officers on the mainland have a new enemy in their sights – a mobile phone battle game believed so addictive to young soldiers that it may slow them down in real-life combat.
Hongkongers who were touring Jiuzhaigou when the magnitude 7 quake struck on Tuesday have all been accounted for.
However, it's unclear where Liu Xia, who's been largely out of contact with the outside world since her husband died, actually is.
The female cub marks success in an experiment to expand the captive stock’s gene pool by letting them mate in the wild, Chinese state media reports.
Naming the street in front of the Chinese Embassy “Liu Xiaobo Plaza” would honour Liu and challenge China over its treatment of dissidents.
The Hong Kong government today unveiled the details of “co-location arrangements” at the local terminus of the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou.
What do you do when the flood waters are rising and help is far away? Some clever mainland policemen have found the answer in a toy store.