Carrie Lam says Hong Kong and Shenzhen authorities had different understanding of where the border lay.
The bookseller was arrested again in Beijing last weekend, two years after disappearing from Thailand and reappearing in custody in mainland China.
Chinese internet users offered to donate winter clothing for Wang Fuman, who walks 4.5km to school every day.
Spokesperson for the company that owns the Sanchi oil tanker says there is “still hope” that they will find the tanker’s crew alive.
China, South Korea and the US have sent ships and planes to search for the tanker's crew.
What is the ultra-light oil used for and what danger does it pose if left floating in the sea?
The parking spaces bigger than average and marked with a picture of a high heeled shoe.
Hong Kong student disagrees with Wang Zhenmin’s claim that the city is part of the Communist Party.
“Extraordinary.” “Stellar.” “Truly awesome.” “A world-class find.”
Skype has apparently joined the lengthening list of internet tools on China’s blacklist, disappearing from download stores with Apple saying Wednesday it was ordered by the government to remove certain apps.
Here are five things to note from Xi’s opening speech that kicked off the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China this week.