The 64-year-old, first jailed between 1981 and 1989, has already spent a total of 22 years behind bars.
News Yang Hui Blogger_L
Yang Hui, 16, emerged early yesterday morning from police detention by flashing a V sign for victory and wearing a sweater with the slogan "Make the change".
Ti-Anna Wang holds a photo of her father.
While many daughters have the chance to celebrate their life's moments with their fathers, Ti-Anna Wang cannot. She is the daughter ...
Lok Jai, and his father, in his small Sham Shui Po apartment.
A student born in Hong Kong to mainland parents wrote a book on the challenges he faces everyday
Student designs at the first China Graduate Fashion Week ranged from the brave to the crazy.
The first China Graduate Fashion Week was held from April 24-28, and featured the work of 610 graduates of 22 mainland universities. See a selection of the best ...
Wing chun master Lui Ming-fai wants to spread his love of the martial art.
Every time a new movie about Ip Man arrives, kung fu becomes a hot topic in Hong Kong. People begin queuing up for wing chun classes.
Echo Xu (front row, second from right) and fellow traveller Lee Ze-shan with her hosts, Iranian Mohammed Ashk (front row, far left), and his family.
For one year Echo Xu Ya-ting lived a life of a "modern gypsy" - travelling through 11 countries and regions, "surfing", or staying, on the ...
The Human Bodies Exhibition features 200 preserved whole-body specimens and organs.
Crisscrossing the body is a fine tapestry of blood vessels. They transport all the oxygen and nutrients our organs and muscles need to function. If you ...
A rule measures a child's growth
Two years ago, a family in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan were about to welcome their first baby to the world. But the first cry - signalling the ...
Museum shelves galore_L
In 2009, a new museum opened its doors to the public on the mainland every three days. In 2010, the numbers tripled. There was a new museum opening every ...
Three Gorges Dam_L
Yunnan villager Ling Min had no idea how the damming of the Jinsha (Yangtze) River a few kilometres downstream from her hillside home would change her life forever.