The explosion was so powerful that the China Earthquake Administration reported it had detected a magnitude 2.2 earthquake believed to be from the blast.
He Jiankui of Shenzhen says he changed the DNA of two baby girls to resist infection from the HIV virus.
University of Hong Kong’s pro-vice-chancellor says strategic partnership can help both cities become global leaders in technology
Home-grown aircraft AG600 could also be used to transport troops and supplies in disputed waterway, say military observers.
Carrie Lam says Hong Kong and Shenzhen authorities had different understanding of where the border lay.
Article reveals Huang Wenjun, president of National Judges College, gave a ‘party lecture’ during meeting last month
Reversal of recent decision may signal China’s ambition to be seen as a supporter of environmental preservation.
The company is embarking on this quota system for promotions as it turns 20.
A factory in Chongqing made student 'interns' build the popular smartwear watches, and is accused of breaking Chinese labour laws.
Project intends to serve the innovation and tech ambitions of China’s ‘Greater Bay Area’.
Local DSE candidates can enrol in 109 higher education institutes on the mainland next year.