Carrie Lam says Hong Kong and Shenzhen authorities had different understanding of where the border lay.
The 64-year-old, first jailed between 1981 and 1989, has already spent a total of 22 years behind bars.
The 57-year-old poet and artist is on her way to Berlin, thanks in part to the efforts of German diplomats
Sports teacher in southeastern city of Suzhou suspended pending investigation, but denies deliberately hurting youngsters.
Almost 90,000 were killed and hundreds of thousands injured in a natural disaster whose effects are still being felt
It's been a decade since the terrifying natural disaster, but we should never forget these figures.
A Chinese woman developed blood clots on her brain after spending 20 straight hours looking at her phone screen during a train trip, according to local media reports.
The current maximum is two consecutive terms, but this rule change may mean Xi remains in power beyond 2023.
Hypersonic plane design is still at the prototype stage, but will be able to travel from Beijing to New York in about two hours.
At first glance, a cave doesn’t seem the likeliest home for exotic and beautiful flora. It’s dark, damp and dingy, more likely to host some moss (at most) than bristly bushes.
The young woman, new to the grind of Chinese factory life, knew the man who called himself Kalen only by the photo on his chat profile. It showed him with a pressed smile holding a paper cup in a swank skyscraper somewhere late at night.