Junior reporters

Our junior reporter spoke to drama students about why they love the craft, and why attitudes towards it need to change.
Believe it or not, your favourite hobby could one day become your dream job.
Junior reporters go backstage to learn what it takes to put on the spectacular show, and one of them even got a makeover.
This endangered species that has helped drive HK's eco-tourism industry will no longer exist unless we take action now.
With Ed Sheeran’s Perfect playing from the speakers, and neon furniture and coloured lights setting the mood, Strokes Hong Kong is a mini oasis in the middle of bustling Causeway Bay.
Junior reporters Charlotte Fong and Felix Yeung sampled different courses at the HKU Taster, where they met with professors, cadavers and zombies.
The Mine Train merges virtual reality with physical reality as you rocket through a rainforest while trying to capture animal critters.
We usually admire art from a distance but our junior reporters had a chance to meet popular Japanese cartoonist to learn more about manga art
One JR also learned that the captain has to keep an eye on many things such as the navigation system, marine traffic, and crew.
As junior reporters keen to learn more about the word of media, who better for them to speak to than SCMP’s very own CEO, Gary Liu?
Award winner Agnes Lam draws inspiration from her life, and expresses her thoughts on the world in her writing that is enjoyed by many around the world.