Junior reporters

We ask a clinical psychologist about apps people can use alongside therapy to take care of their stress, anxiety and depression.
A group of 34 students travelled to the underdeveloped region in China to visit local children and families.
We talk about the history behind the popular photography location and ask the public how they feel about the ‘rainbow’ village.
Play with more than 10 friendly pups of the infinitely memeable Japanese breed and you’ll have ‘much fun, so wow’.
Young Post junior reporters got a lesson from a golfing coach and interview Hong Kong pro golfer Isabella Leung.
Joining the Junior Reporters' Club gives you the opportunity to experience life as a real journalist.
Junior reporters visit the only exhibition in China that is dedicated to those who died during the events of 1989.
The Pui Tak Canossian College student started writing down all her dreams to help her remember them, but she gained much more than stories to look back on.
Performances from local primary and secondary school pupils showcased the region's unique culture.
A group of students from Delia Memorial School (Glee Path) learned about scriptwriting and acting to put together a memorable performance.
Visitors learned martial arts poses inspired by Dragonball, and took classes on yoga and meditation during the two-day event.